So what makes our boobs cruise different?

On any given day there are 30 to 40 catamarans that run similar cruises from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, but they all have one thing in common – when the people see our boat they all wish they were on it!

We have people who have taken 50 trips with us before and come back several times a year. We have people who take 3 trips with us in 10 days, we have people who wont book their vacation dates until they know our boobs cruise dates. Repeat business and word of mouth are our priority. We are not like some of the others who want to take you for as much money as they can once, and then hope they never see you again. We want to see you time and time again and hope that you bring your friends too!

Here’s why our cruise is so much better than all the rest:

We have been running the boobs cruise for 10 years now, we have refined it through the years and I feel we now have the perfect recipe that cannot be beaten, no matter how many others may try to copy our concept. We saw how other companies ran Isla Mujeres catamaran tours and we improved every single aspect that we were able to.

The Catamarans:
The catamarans we use are modern luxury models only a few years old. These boats cost around $700,000 each and are equipped with leather sofa interior, 4 cabins and two bathrooms. We don’t use 25 yr old boats where the interior is full of anchors and rope with a single dirty toilet. Our people deserve the best and, we make sure we provide it!

The Staff:
Our Entertainment staff in Chinos, Omar and Sara 69 are career entertainers, they have over 50 years of experience between them and can read a crowd perfectly, deliver exactly what they want and adapt on the fly. They are not ‘kids’ working a gap year, nor staff on minimum wage who do it because they have to but don’t really want to. We pay them well and they deliver what people want.

Our boat crew, the Captain, Sailors and Bar Tenders are hand picked from a large pool of staff. They all want to work on our boat because it’s the most fun, and because our clients enjoy it so much they tip well. But we only choose the best – poor performers will find themselves on another boat next time.

The Price:
With our price you pay one price and there are no nasty surprises. Reef tax is included, open bar at lunch time is included. So many other companies will sell you a tour and ‘forget’ to mention there are extra taxes to pay on arrival and drinks at lunchtime are payable extra – “only another $10 Sir”. With us, you pay once and we take care of you for the rest of the day with no extra to pay.

The sound system:
Forget listening to a CD on a loop through tinny speakers with a guide whose microphone barely works. On the Cancun boobs cruise we bring our own kick ass sound system and a dedicated DJ. Five huge speakers on the roof of the boat, a mixing desk, a laptop with thousands of tracks any one of which is available within seconds is the way we roll. Requests are welcome, we always fit the music to the group we have, and what’s more – when the boat docks for lunch we bring the whole damn system down to the beach club and the party continues.

Empty cup policy:
Have you ever found yourself on a tour or trip where drinks are stated as all inclusive, yet you spend half the time with an empty cup looking for bar tenders who you can’t find and then when you do find them they ignore you?

Not with us! Our staff are under strict instruction that they must at all times seek out anyone with less than half a cup of drink and ask if they want another. Staff that don’t do this will no longer be our staff next trip.

The people:
Last but not least. There is a reason we try to keep this cruise a little quiet and under the radar. We don’t shout about it from the rooftops, brag about it on Tripadvisor and sell it to everyone regardless. The quality of our people is high and we don’t want to change that.

The people who take the boobs cruise will be some of the funnest people you could ever wish to know. Most of our customers stay at Temptation resort and, boy, do they know how to party!

Many are our regular contributors on our Temptation forum, so they are already outgoing and looking to meet people and make the most of their valuable vacation. The boobs cruise is primarily couples, we do allow select singles – single girls are always allowed, single guys are allowed also but in groups no larger than 2.

No out of control bachelor parties to spoil the vibe. It’s not a zoo!

Join us and have the time of your life!