Cancun Boobs Cruise operated by is the wildest adults only topless party cruise in Cancun for couples and select singles.

Liberated adults from around the World join together in the name of fun to lose their inhibitions and party all day while aboard an amazing catamaran.

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Find out what makes our cruise different to all the rest. Also, check out our reviews from people who have attended the cruise, many of them dozens of times!

Included is an open bar and buffet, with non-stop music provided by our resident DJ and superb sound system that blasts all other boats out of the water.

Our famous Entertainment staff Chinos and crew ensure that (despite copious amounts of alcohol) this will be a day to remember with adult themed games and hilarious commentary.

For any questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Boobs Cruise Run?

The Boobs Cruise runs every Monday and Friday (subject to public holidays) from Albatros Marina which is next door to Temptation Cancun Resort.

We need at least 25 people to run and our capacity is 110. Most who join the boobs cruise are staying at Temptation Resort in Cancun and are members of our Temptation forum.

Who Can Join the Boobs Cruise?

You are welcome to join us wherever you are staying as long as you can make your own way to our meeting point at the Marina.

Of course, you’ll also need to be open-minded and not offended by topless ladies, nakedness and adult humor.

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    Just Amazing Catamaran

Boobs Cruise Itinerary

Meet Up

The day starts early as last night’s hangover begins to subside, and we meet at 10am for check in. The check in point is by the hammocks at Albatros Marina, which is next to Temptation Resort, Cancun.

After a short walk along the dock our boat awaits offshore in preparation for its grand entrance. Our hosts will greet you with a drink and a smile on their arrival.

Once we set sail, the famous Boobs Cruise flag of bikini tops is hoisted and the fun begins as the DJ cranks up the volume playing a mix of music suitable for all ages and tastes.

We cruise towards the hotel zone and party center before turning around and heading to our snorkel spot.


Our first stop is for an optional snorkel over the reef, ocean conditions permitting. Accompanied by our guides you’ll see coral and many species of fish, sometimes even turtles. We provide all the equipment necessary, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

You are welcome to stay on the boat and continue the party if you choose not to snorkel.

Then it’s back on the boat for more drinking and fun. We head across the narrow strip of the Caribbean Ocean separating mainland Cancun from the island of Isla Mujeres.

We cross the eight-mile expanse of the Caribbean before reaching the North end of Isla Mujeres. Once among the sheltered waters of the Island, we cruise parallel to the coast towards our lunch stop.

On the way there we often encounter other catamarans coming the opposite direction. It’s always amusing to see the faces of the other people as they realize they booked the wrong boat, and wish they were on ours!


The Beach Club Bonita on Isla Mujeres is our lunch stop. We have an allotted time slot to ensure that we have the best use of the facilities. Upon docking, we move our complete sound system from the boat and set up on the fine white sandy beach.

Our buffet lunch includes fish, chicken, beef, veggies, salad and fruit. Included in our price is open bar at the lunch stop, unlike many inferior catamaran cruises.

When lunch is over, we play some adult-themed games with prizes on the beach that always prove hilarious.


Our next stop is at a calm area of the ocean that has the bluest water you’ve ever seen. People often think that the pictures that we post are photo-shopped or enhanced, they cannot believe the color of the water.

With the sun beating down, now is the opportunity of your life to swim in the crystal clear water. No life vest or swimming suit required! Don’t worry, we have our crew looking out for your safety.

After skinny dipping, it’s back on the boat. If you thought the party was good before, it now goes up a whole other level during our slow cruise back to the mainland.

For this part of the trip, it’s better to experience it as words are not enough to describe the fun. Of course, we can’t post pics online for obvious reasons!

Finally, we have a good sing along with our famous anthems belted out to greet the welcoming crowd at the hotel that we always seem to attract!

We return to the marina around 4:30 pm. For those staying at Temptation, the party continues in the Sexy Pool or Hot Tub and for the rest of your trip with new-found friends for a lifetime!