We are Jannet and Steve Wright and have lived in Cancun since 2004. In addition to owning the Boobs Cruise, we own and operate Cancuncare.com and its associated Forum. We also started, and continue to run, the largest Temptation Facebook Group.

Jannet is from Acapulco, Mexico and Steve is from Nottingham, England. We met while I (Steve) was in Cancun on vacation in 1997. Long story short, Jannet eventually moved to the UK, and we married there in 2000.

In 2002, we started Cancuncare and by 2004 the site was proving to be very popular. The Internet underwent rapid expansion and became something no longer just for geeks. We upped sticks, sold the house, quit our jobs and made the move to Cancun in September 2004. Once in Cancun, we concentrated full time on expanding Cancuncare. We also developed other Internet basedΒ  businesses.

Through our forum we got to know many friends who visited Temptation (or Blue Bay Getaway as it was named in those days), and since we already lived in Cancun we’d often meet up with them while they were on vacation.

During one such time around 2006 or so, a group of us decided we’d rent a boat for the day. We already had some contacts so Jannet and I set things up. We had a blast on the boat with plenty of alcohol and many of the girls going topless. Someone commented, “this isn’t a booze cruise, it’s a boobs cruise!”

Later, the people that were on that inaugural trip discussed on the forum about what a great time we had, and others asked if they too could enjoy a similar trip on their upcoming vacation. The Boobs Cruise became so popular that we started to run on a regular basis and, after a while, formed a formal partnership with a catamaran company in Cancun.

Fast forward to the present day, and what we have now bears little resemblance to how we started. Everything has been upgraded, improved, made better!

Only the concept remains from those early days. The concept that is a combination of great fun and laughs with non-judgemental, open-minded people on a boat in the Caribbean with plenty of alcohol, great staff and sunny skies.

We personally attend almost every Boobs Cruise ourselves. I must have way over around 1000 trips under my belt now and Jannet is not far behind.

We hope to see you there one day, and then see you again and again on future trips as we do with so many people.

As I always say:

Party On!