Where Does The Boobs Cruise Run From?

We run out of Albatros Marina which is located next door to Temptation Cancun Resort at km 3.5 of the hotel zone. If you’re staying at Temptation head to the beach turn left and the Marina is 200 yds walk. If you’re staying elsewhere you’ll need to access the Marina from the street entrance which is 200 yds past the resort towards downtown.

How Often Does The Boobs Cruise Run?

The cruise runs every Monday and Friday year round. We may occasionally have some dates we don’t run, such as if Christmas Day falls on a Monday or Friday. Our minimum is 30 people and our maximum is 100. Please post your interest in the relevant monthly roll call over here at our Temptation forum and I’ll contact you when we open for bookings for your dates.

Do I Have To Be Staying At Temptation?

Most of the people who join us on our topless cruise do stay at Temptation and are part of our Temptation forum. However, you are welcome to join us wherever you are staying as long as you can get yourself to our meeting point at the Albatros Marina next door to Temptation and, most importantly, are open-minded and not offended by topless ladies and adult humor. We often have people join us who are staying at Desire or Breathless, but anywhere is fine by us if you like to party.

Do I Have To Go Topless?

We like to say that topless is expected, it is not really optional, but nor is it demanded. We don’t rip anyone’s top off against their will. Normally, 95% of ladies do decide to go topless but there may be some who don’t want to and that is fine. We have a unique concept and that is we run a topless cruise in Cancun, so topless is pretty much a given. There are many other cruises in Cancun that are not topless, if you are shy you may feel more comfortable on one of those. Although, we have had occasions when ladies have refused to be topless, but have been bottomless the entire trip!

Do I Have To Cover Up?

We do ask everyone to cover up when not on the boat, such as boarding and disembarking, walking to and from our beach club. We share the dock with other boats and will encounter other non Boobs Cruise people to and from our point. Beaches in Mexico are public and anyone can walk there.

Can I Go Naked?

Yes, of course! Just like there is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to, there are no restrictions on doing what you might want to. We usually have several people who choose to go naked each trip, although it is not usually the majority. We also have our skinny dipping spot where you are more than welcome to swim naked or clothed.

Is This a Swingers Only Cruise?

Not at all! On any given Cancun Boobs Cruise we usually have some swingers but probably more are non swingers, and some swayers too (people who think they might enjoy the Lifestyle but haven’t yet explored it). Experienced swingers are almost always respectful and will not bother you if you are not interested. Swingers are nothing to be afraid of, you probably work with some and don’t even know.

Do You Allow Single Guys?

Yes we do, but we don’t allow groups of single guys in groups larger than two. We also reserve the right to refuse singles on the day if we already have too many. This is an event primarily for couples, and we like to keep the male:female ratio roughly even. Single females are always welcome.

Can I Take Photos on the Boobs Cruise?

Yes and No. We expect the ultimate discretion and respect for your fellow guests. Some lead very public lives, we have had politicians and TV Personalities on our cruise. Other’s have sensitive jobs such as teachers, and they don’t want their photos to end up on Facebook or some adult site. You may take photos of your significant other and the friends you go with, or of others who know they are in the picture and have agreed to the photo. But we don’t tolerate the taking of pics or videoing of people who are unaware, including crowd shots. We have eight to ten staff members looking out for this, and won’t hesitate to ask you to delete any pictures we see you taking. To avoid embarrassment, just don’t do it!

What Drinks Are Available?

Our standard drinks that we serve en masse are Pink Pussy (Vodka, Sprite and Grenadine), Orange Shit (Rum and Orange) and Dos Equis Beer. We do have Tequila, Rum and Vodka in addition to various mixers and purified water, so if you would like for example a Rum and Coke or Tequila and Sprite just ask one of our waiters. At the beach club bar the same drinks are included in your cruise, but there are some additional ones too. The beach club also serves premium alcohol and bottled beer at extra charge.

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol?

Yes you can. We ask you to keep glass bottles away from the deck area though. Please leave it with the bartender, he will put it on ice and serve it only to you and the people you tell him have permission.

Will I Get Seasick?

The area we cruise is between the Cancun mainland and Isla Mujeres known as the Cancun Bay. This means it is very sheltered, as Isla Mujeres shelters us from the waves on its far side. The nature of a catamaran means that it is very stable and the side to side rocking you experience with a single hulled boat is virtually absent. However, people from time to time may get seasick. If you are susceptible to seasickness then please take Dramamine one hour before we leave and also try to ensure you take it easy on the alcohol the night before. A good breakfast always helps too.

Can I Smoke On The Boat?

Yes smoking is permitted, but only right at the back of the boat. Please always ask for a ‘Mexican ashtray’ (a cup with ice) and don’t throw cigarette butts in the Ocean. The Ocean is our office, and we like to keep it clean!