We have found that the Boobs Cruise has become extremely popular and most dates have been selling out fast. So we’ve decided to add an extra day every week!

Every Wednesday, we will be running the legendary Boobs Cruise – but with a twist.

Introducing Boobs Cruise Sunset Parties! Everything is the same as the regular Boobs Cruise, but shifted a few hours later.

Ideal for sleepyheads and the overindulgent our check-in time is at 1 pm and we return at 7:30 pm. This will ensure we can take in the amazing Cancun sunset while we party our asses off in the usual debaucherous style.

The same price, same booking process, same fun. Just a different check-in time.

So head on over to the booking page and join us for the traditional recipe, but now with added sunset!

Boobs Cruise Sunset Party