No, not that kind of tips! But our staff do appreciate some monetary love for their hard work at the end of the day, at your discretion.
1) Towels: We don’t provide them. Grab one from your hotel, please make sure you return it.

2) Bags: Please try to bring just one bag per couple. If we are full with 90 people, we would rather have 45 bags than 90! Bags clutter up the walk ways and can cause trip hazards. You don’t need to bring very much in any case.

3) Sunscreen: Don’t forget it! The sun can be brutal. Wear a higher factor than you normally might.

4) Footwear. We ask everyone to be barefoot on the boat to avoid marking it. We collect shoes at the beginning, you can also keep them with you in your bag if you prefer. When we stop for lunch we exit via a wooden boardwalk until we reach the sandy beach. We don’t walk anywhere on the street. If you have sensitive feet you may wish to wear boat shoes, but we ask that you keep those only for the boat and change in and out of them as you get on or leave.

5) Hats/Caps. If you bring a hat please make sure it fits such that it’sΒ  not going to fly away into the Ocean. We have occasionally turned the boat around for lost hats but it depends on where we are and how fast we are traveling. We can’t promise it. Ladies with long hair might wish to bring a scrunchie.

More to be added πŸ™‚